Leather Industries of America has a long and productive history of assisting and, in most cases, leading the tanning industry through the complicated and threatening morass of government regulations.

A glance back at some milestones shows that the Leather Research Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati and its legal representatives in Washington, DC, have been involved in some of the country's most significant environmental and worker health and safety issues.

The evolutionary process of regulatory development has resulted in a comprehensive and complex system of regulations covering clean water, clean air, waste disposal, and contaminated land cleanup. The Leather Research Laboratory has provided technical assistance in assessing and responding to various regulatory proposals necessary to successfully minimize the negative impact on the leather industry and provide confidence for its future.

Our industry can only prosper in the shadow of impending environmental threats by vigilantly monitoring all situations in readiness for further action. You can have confidence that this critical role is performed professionally by the Leather Research Laboratory and legal team, fighting to preserve the future for its members.

To learn more about the Leather Research Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati,
go to www.leatherusa.org or
contact Steven Lange at langesn@ucmail.uc.edu

Issues List:

  • Excluded leather tanning solid wastes from RCRA hazardous waste provisions
  • EPA effluent guidelines remanded
  • Secured OSHA Hazard Communication exemption for leather
  • Attained "clean" storm water group permit
  • Achieved victory in famous lawsuit opposing illegal EPA sludge rule
  • Obtained upper pH waiver for tannery effluent
  • Minimized impact of MACT air standard
  • Challenged proposed inclusion of Cr III in Proposition 65


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